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SECTOR: Livelihoods | REGION: Africa (Rwanda, Uganda)

ARED uses a microfranchise model that focuses on women and disabled individuals to provide wifi, mobile phone charging services, and intranet via solar-powered kiosks.

IMPACT: 24 women franchisees hired

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SECTOR: Civic Engagement | REGION:  North America (USA)

IssueVoter is a non-partisan platform that gives its users a voice in Washington by making civic engagement accessible, efficient, and impactful.

IMPACT: 7,620 women voter users

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SECTOR: Livelihoods | REGION: South America (Colombia)

LikeU is revolutionizing livelihood opportunities in Latin America, particularly for women and persons with disabilities by offering online training, skills certifications, and well-paid salaries through part-time telecommuting jobs

IMPACT: Hired 100 women Likers


SECTOR: Health | REGION: Asia (Pakistan)

doctHERS is a digital health and telemedicine company that connects a network of home-based female doctors, who are unable to access the workplace, to healthcare consumers and creates access to quality, affordable healthcare via technology.

IMPACT: 11,789 women impacted


Our Impact

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Impact as of December 2017

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