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SECTOR: Health | REGION: Africa (Nigeria)

SonoCare is a mobile diagnostic medical imaging solutions provider leveraging technology to combat maternal and infant mortality. Partnering with hospitals and satellite health clinics, it provides affordable and accessible on-demand mobile sonograms and cardiac monitoring to bring services to rural communities.


IMPACT: 16,107 high-risk pregnancies averted


SECTOR: Health | REGION: Africa (Ghana)

Redbird Health Tech is a medical diagnostics distributor expanding access to healthcare through community pharmacies. Their tests for anemia, hypertension, and blood sugar are key for antenatal monitoring to reduce risks of pregnancy complications and maternal mortality.


IMPACT: 4,680 patients tested 

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SECTOR: Livelihoods | REGION: Africa (Rwanda, Uganda)

ARED uses a microfranchise model that focuses on women and disabled individuals to provide wifi, mobile phone charging services, and intranet via solar-powered kiosks.

IMPACT: 24 women franchisees hired

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SECTOR: Civic Engagement | REGION:  North America (USA)

IssueVoter is a non-partisan platform that gives its users a voice in Washington by making civic engagement accessible, efficient, and impactful.

IMPACT: 8,039 women voter users

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SECTOR: Livelihoods | REGION: South America (Colombia)

LikeU is revolutionizing livelihood opportunities in Latin America, particularly for women and persons with disabilities by offering online training, skills certifications, and well-paid salaries through part-time telecommuting jobs

IMPACT: Hired 111 women Likers


SECTOR: Health |  REGION: Asia (Pakistan)

doctHERS is a digital health and telemedicine company that connects a network of home-based female doctors, who are unable to access the workplace, to healthcare consumers and creates access to quality, affordable healthcare via technology.

IMPACT: 23,624 women impacted


SECTOR: Agri-Tech |  REGION: Africa (Kenya)

Taimba operates a business-to-business mobile-based platform enabling an improved agricultural supply chain by connecting smallholder farmers (80% of which are women in East Africa) directly with retailers, thus cutting food wastage and offering high-quality affordable produce at market prices that are farmer-friendly..